Cricketing the Streets of Oslo to India

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Sant & Usants documentary film Cricketing the Streets of Oslo has been bought by New Delhi TV (NDTV). To coincide with the Cricket World Cup, which is now taking place in Australia, NDTV has decided to surprise its audience with the story of Vaalerenga Cricket Clubs humoristic and desperate attempt to reach the Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.

We are very touched that there are people who play cricket so far north, despite all the challenge they face, and we are confident that the story of Vaalerenga Cricket club is going to stir the entire Indian people, says Ayesha Kagal, purchasing manager at NDTV.

NTDV is staking a lot on Cricketing the Streets of Oslo and are choosing to show the film prime time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week. They believe it can be real hit with the Indian people.

-This is more than we have dared dreaming of, says Ritchie Cavander-Cole, who is not only a player at Vaalerenga and one of the main characters in the film, but also, together with Mamdooh Afdile, the director of the film. –The God of Cricket is a superstar, with 25 million fans just on Facebook alone, and it is very hard to get his attention. With a series of screenings prime time on NDTV he just has to hear about Vaalerengas attempt to reach him. This is unbelievable! I think this it just what we need for the Indian cricket legend to realise he is has to come to Norway and save Vaalerenga Cricket Club, says an enthusiastic Cavander-Cole.

-In addition to being the most serious and one of the biggest channels for the 1.2 billion people in India, NDTV is also the biggest channel among Indians outside of India. They have an impressive market share in over 77 countries outside India. They take in just 12 to 16 documentary films a year, and I’ve never heard that one Norwegian documentary has reached NDTV says the film’s producer Eirin Gjørv. -So This is historic, and very fun for the film, Vålerenga Cricket Club and Norwegian documentary.

Cricketing the Streets of Oslo is having its Norwegian Premiere on the 26th March and will also be shown on NRK to coincide with the final match of the cricket work cup on the 29th March. The film was produced with support from NFI, The Fritt Ord Foundation and NRK.

Eirin Gjørv, Producer
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