Sant & Usant

Sant & Usant is an Oslo, Norway, based Documentary Film Production Company that started producing documentary films in 2006. We made our way into the international marked with award winning films like Braveharts and When the Boys Return. This year Sant & Usant releases include I am Kuba and Cricketing the Streets of Oslo, Dancing for you and Varicella.

At present we run productions in a number of countries, and work with the awardwinnig Directors Victor Kossakowski, Erlend Moe, Åse Drivenes, Karen Winther, Fredrik Horn Akselsen, Mamdooh Afdile and Ritchie Cavander-Cole, among others. Sant & Usant is located in Oslo, Norway, with the producers Tone Grøttjord, Anita Rehoff Larsen and Eirin Gjørv

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  • Area of interest - Documentary Film, Coproductions, International market
  • Filmography - Braveharts, When the Boys Return, I am Kuba, Dancing for you, Varicella
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